Nike drops fresh international kits ahead of the Euro 2025 qualifiers

Advanced tech meets dynamic, vibrant design

Nike drops fresh international kits ahead of the Euro 2025 qualifiers

Nike has unveiled its 2024 National Federation Kits, blending cutting-edge technology with some pretty eye-catching designs. The kits use Nike's Dri-FIT ADV technology to keep players cool, comfortable, and moving freely, no matter how intense the match gets. 

Availability: Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s fits will be available from from 21 March, and at retail stores from June.

Brazil 2024 Away Kit

Inspired by Brazil’s vibrant natural landscape and rich textile heritage, the design incorporates an all-over print that reflects the nation's beautiful beaches and coastline, with a wave motif directly influenced by Brazilian textiles. Players’ names are presented in a new font inspired by local art, marrying the spirit of Brazil’s cultural aesthetics with modern design.

Canada 2024 Kits

The Home kit celebrates Canada’s sporting heritage with a two-tone red design and a reimagined Nike Swoosh reminiscent of iconic hockey jerseys. It features a heritage logo that honours Canada’s 1986 football team. The Away kit is a tribute to Canada’s diversity, represented by 13 red pinstripes for its provinces and territories, unified within the fabric, echoing the theme of coming together to make a mark on the global stage.

China 2024 Kits

China’s Home kit is characterized by a striking red that highlights the national flag at its heart. Dragons from the national crest weave into the collar, symbolizing power and culture. The Away kit draws from celestial inspiration, reflecting the importance of the sky in Chinese philosophy, adorned with a three-colour motif on the collar and cuffs for a modern touch.

Croatia 2024 Kits

The Home kit revisits Croatia’s iconic red and white checks, now enlarged to echo the national flag, with the word "Obitelj" ("Family") symbolizing national pride. A stylish ribbed polo collar adds elegance. The Away kit features slanted checks, honouring the 1998 heroes, and returns to traditional blue, aligning with the crest and flag for a coherent visual identity.

England 2024 Kits

England's Home kit has a modern twist on historical aesthetics, using a colour gradient on the cuffs inspired by the 1966 training gear. The Away kit introduces an unexpected purple base, symbolizing youthful energy, with graphic side panels that feature seven colours to represent England's progressive style and pay homage to the flag of St. George.

France 2024 Kits

The Home kit pays homage to the diverse French teams of the 1980s with an oversized crest and a tricolour collar featuring a unifying message. The Away kit revives the classic 1980s style with pinstripes that transition from blue to red, embodying the nation’s flag and unity message, making a bold statement on diversity and unity.

Korea 2024 Kits

The Home kit presents a playful pink update, inspired by Korea’s traditional architecture and art, featuring a tiger-inspired wordmark inside the collar. The Away kit, reflecting the artistry of pearl lacquerware, celebrates Korean creativity and heritage, carrying the regal tiger motif as a symbol of pride and strength.

Netherlands 2024 Kits

The Netherlands’ Home kit for 2024 introduces a new shade of orange, symbolizing the country’s creative spirit, complemented by modern design elements. The Away kit blends three shades of blue in a geometric pattern, with orange highlights that pay tribute to the nation’s iconic colour and creative legacy.

Nigeria 2024 Kits

The Home kit returns to a primary white base accented with green and black seams, featuring a bold Super Eagle and NAIJA across the chest, symbolizing national pride. The Away kit’s green-to-black seam represents the creative spirit that unites Nigerians, reflecting the nation’s vibrant culture and unity.

Norway 2024 Kits

Norway’s Home kit blends modern design with historical elements, featuring a sword-inspired national flag and metallic fonts, underpinned by the “Stronger Together” motto. The Away kit is inspired by the Arctic landscape and Northern Lights, creating a visual connection to nature and national unity.

Poland 2024 Kits

The Home kit features a classic red-ribbed polo collar and an oversized crest, echoing Poland’s football heritage. The Away kit modernizes the red palette with a gradient effect, introducing a futuristic look while paying homage to the nation’s football legacy.

Portugal 2024 Kits

Portugal's Home kit showcases classic colours in a modern colour-blocking design, reflecting the nation’s flag and cultural creativity. The Away kit’s blue mosaic tile design honours traditional Portuguese architecture, offering a fresh take on the team’s alternate colours.

Türkiye 2024 Kits

The Home kit marks a century of the Crescent Stars with a draped flag design and a prominent display of the country's name, celebrating national pride. The Away kit features a red palette inspired by the Al Sancak, emphasizing heritage and unity with a bold crest and country name display.

USA 2024 Kits

The USA Home kit presents a patriotic red, white, and blue graphic rib design with an inspirational “One Nation, One Team” message. The Away kit revives the sash design from 1950, updated with a modern gradient for a striking