Real Talk Podcast: Emma Hayes on Pelvic Floor Health

Why educating yourself on your pelvic floor really matters for sports performance

Real Talk Podcast: Emma Hayes on Pelvic Floor Health

What's the Real Talk Podcast?

Real Talk is a new podcast series from Sky Sports, hosted by Miriam Walker-Khan. The series covers health and wellbeing topics that haven't been discussed much in the past and their impact on performance. Expect to hear professional sportspeople talk about OCD, grief, and, in episode 3, the pelvic floor.

The Pelvic Floor Episode Overview:

Expert pelvic health physio Emma Brockwell gives a great overview of the pelvic floor and why it matters. Then, Emma Hayes goes on to explain, with some pretty personal insights, why she thinks it's crucial for female footballers, whether they've given birth or not, to get educated and start training their pelvic floor.

You can watch a segment of the podcast with Emma Hayes here:

England netballer Eboni Usoro-Brown and British trampolinist and gymnast Laura Gallagher Cox then discuss their experience of the pelvic floor's impact on performance. The episode finishes with Miriam Walker-Khan being walked through a pelvic floor training session—feel free to join in!

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.