Sky blue – and white – thinking

How Argentina's 2019 France success reignited women's football

Sky blue – and white – thinking
Photography: John Walton/PA Archive/PA Images

Almost 50 years ago, when Argentina took part in the very first unofficial Women’s World Cup in Mexico, they looked like a nation keen on emulating the achievements of their men’s side when striker Elva Selva fired in four goals to down England 4-1 in a group stage match.

But a 5-0 defeat to Denmark and a 4-0 defeat to Italy showed there was plenty of work to be done and after decades of mismanagement, lack of investment and a general disinterest in their national team and the women’s game, Argentina is only now starting to pick up the pieces after a breakthrough both on and off the pitch in 2019.

Twenty years later, in 1991, the same year as the first official Women’s World Cup – which Argentina didn’t attend – the first league began under the name Campeonato de Futbol Femenino.